The Società Ciclo Amatori Offida, was born in 1974 with the aim of promoting cycling via the amateur’s activity and the organization of cycling events.

La Storia della SCA Offida

The Società Ciclo Amatori Offida, was born in 1974 with the aim of promoting cycling via the amateur’s activity and the organization of cycling events.

In 2004, when Gianni Spaccasassi became the President of the society, it was created a program oriented in the organization of cycling races for the Juniores category. The goal that has to be reached was the one that could take SCA Offida to the Top level in the organizations of younger’s athletes cycling events.

In 2005 the first edition of the Juniores’ Beato Bernardo’s Trophy took place with a regional coverage. Then the race became famous, firstly becoming a national event and then, in 2007, this Trophy became an International Cup.

SCA Offida never stopped and it wanted more. It wanted to keep on growing and it aspired to be the first city in the Marche Region to organize a UCI Juniores World Championship.

On the 30th of january 2007 in Aigle (Switzerland) in the UCI Headquarters, it has been registered the candidacy for the World Championship.

Just a year later, in Ponzano (Veneto, Italy) while there where the World Cyclocross Championships, UCI took its decision: the UCI World Championship (Road and Time Trial) would have been raced in Offida, organised by SCA.

Meanwhile, the Juniores’ Beato Bernardo’s Trophy became a 2-days-international race (in 2008 and 2009) with some of the athletes that now we see racing as Professionists.

The 2009’s edition was the Worlds’ general and final test with an individual time time race in the same route as the Worlds’ would have.

The UCI Juniores World Championship was a very big success and in this great moment, SCA Offida decides to break the rules: Offida, the smallest city to organize World Championships, won the organization of the Juniores and Under 23 European Championships too.

SCA Offida, again, didn’t stop and in 2012 called the RCS to became a City Stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico race, with the start and the arrival of the penultimate stage. On that day the winner was Purito Rodriguez and Vincenzo Nibali took the lead of the race.

That moment of glory was the time to take a break, in the best of manners.

The whole machine restarted to work in 2015 with the Allievi’s Croce Santa Trophy on the 1st of May where there was the possibilty to win the provincial title. The same year, in June, SCA Offida organized a very important event: “Il Bracciale del Cronomen” a time trial race for the young men and the women elite.

In 2016 it was the time to get back to the cycling that counts, so SCA Offida decided to organize the XIX Coppa Città di Offida, and International race reserved to U23 cyclists.

That was the occasion for the crowd to admire the race in a wonderful giant screen in the big square of Offida City.

In 2016 we have to remember that on May, the 1st, SCA organized the XVIII Croce Santa Trophy too, an entire day dedicated to young cyclists, with so many boys and girls.

In the end, we need to look forward and to talk about 2017’s Nations Cup – XX Coppa Città di Offida that will take place on May the 1st.

That will be the UCI 4th stage reserved to this competion in the Under 23 calendar. That occasion will be a great show, from the moment that the athletes will compete with their nation’s jerseys.

Then in August, the 20th, in Borgo Miriam, SCA will organize a whole day reserved to the younger lover of the bike, the most important engine of cycling factory.